Ways to Conserve Water During Drought

20 Aug

Be prepared for droughts

There is no doubt about the fact that climate change is a very real event and we need to start changing our ways to prevents drastic climate conditions. Due to climate change, droughts are becoming quite common. Delayed and sparse rainfall and the drying up of water sources are causing droughts even in developed in nations. California faced drought like conditions last year, which has repeated this year too. Cities like Denver have often faced drought like conditions too and its citizens must be prepared to ride out such conditions. You need to be able to conserve water during droughts to eliminate severe water shortage.

How to conserve water during droughts

If you live in Denver and want to do your bit for the environment and conserve water, here are a few tips:

conserve-water-179292808Fix leaks immediately – One of the most common causes of water wastage is leaks in plumbing. Leaks from showerheads and faucets can cause you to lose and waste over 20 gallons of water a day. Get these leaks fixed to conserve water.

Take shorter showers – People love taking long showers but this can lead to unnecessary water wastage. Reduce the length of your shower by a minute and you can save up to two gallons of water.

Avoid using sprinkles – Automatic sprinkler systems tend to waste a lot of water. In drought conditions, you can conserve water by using hoses to water plants rather than sprinklers.

Fill up your dishwasher – You can conserve water by using the dishwasher only when all the drawers are full. This way you won’t be wasting water. Even better, you can wash your dishes by hand.

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