Information on Water Mounted Tankless Water Heaters — Denver, CO

06 Aug

Wall mounted tankless water heaters are regarded as a “green” solution to hot water demand in Denver and many other US cities. This water heater install gives the extra benefit of projecting the experience of being in a super luxury bathroom. The best thing about tankless water heaters is that you will never exhaust the hot water supply. Professional services, like Dr. Fix It in Denver can help you out in installing a water heater in your home.

tankless-water-heater-177292383Advantages of tankless water heaters

A tankless water heater is more energy efficient compared to a conventional tank water heaters. This is because there is no need of maintaining a tank filled with hot water. The tankless heaters provide hot water at precise temperatures, as and when needed. There is no need to consume power so that the hot water stored in the tank continues to be hot.

Wall mounted tankless water heaters are of approximately the same size as medicine cabinets. They can be mounted easily, preferably near the water location, so that the waiting period for hot water is further reduced.

Easy to operate

A majority of tankless water heaters have digital controls that can be operated easily and intuitively. Some of them even come with a remote for an effortless and leisurely operation. The best thing is that you can specify different temperatures for different purposes. For example, the water for dish washing can flow at 120 degree Fahrenheit while 106 degrees is ideal for a baby bath. For a relaxed bath tub soak, the ideal temperature is 110 degree Fahrenheit.