Should You Install a Rooftop A/C Unit?

07 Jun

87 percent of residential buildings in the United States have some sort of air conditioning according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). The most popular AC units are wall mounted AC units and central air conditioners Most of these AC units are installed in the Midwest and South of the United States such as in cities like Denver where temperatures can soar in the summer months. Wall mounted AC units are used to provide cooling for a small space like a room whereas a central unit is used to heat the whole house. If you are in Denver and are looking for an AC install, try a rooftop A/C unit instead.

Benefits of rooftop AC

Inspecting roof top unitAny rooftop AC install is much more efficient than other types of AC units. This is because the AC unit has to perform less work to push the cold air into the space as cold air naturally goes down while hot air rises. Hence fan speeds are lower in a rooftop AC install and this in turn reduces the amount of power required and the utility bills later on. Unlike a central unit, rooftop air conditioners are not split units and all the components are contained in one unit making it easier to maintain and repair the AC install.

Popular in commercial spaces

As of now, rooftop AC units are very popular in commercial spaces as they can cool a large space without interfering with an existing HVAC unit. As a result they are also becoming popular in residential spaces. You need to consider the weight of the rooftop ac install before installing one in your house.