Plumbing: A Simple Leak Test can Help Reduce Your Water Bill

21 Jun

Leaks can increase your water bills

Leaky Pipe RepairMany people have faced the shock of opening up their water bills and seeing a very high amount for no reason at all. When the average household water bill is a few hundred dollars a month, a bill of a thousand dollars can come as a nasty shock. Most of the time, the cause for such high water bills is a water leak and even a small leak in your garden hose can bump up the water bill. If you are a resident of Denver and have received a very high water bill, then you must get a simple leak test done. This simple leak test will help you find the cause of the leak and thereby reduce water bill.

Reduce water bill with a leak test

One of the most common causes for a high water bill is a leaky toilet tank flapper. Often times, the small rubber flapper inside toilet tanks do not work and this can cause water to leak out of toilet tanks leading to a lot of water wastage and in turn, high water bills. If you want to check if there is a problem with the rubber flapper in your toilet tank, you should perform a leak test. Lift the lid of the toilet tank and put a few drops of food coloring into the water. If you see colored water coming out in the toilet bowl then there is a leak. Getting the flapper replaced with reduce water bill.

Water meter check

You can also verify large leaks by using the water meter check. Switch off all water faucets and devices that use water and make sure no one is using any water. Take reading of your water meter and this should tell you if the leak is large or small.

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