How to Recognize Drainage Issues in Denver, CO

07 May

“Trouble in the sewer lines” is one statement that is enough to send alarm bells ringing among house owners. Repair costs and the inconvenience sewer line problems cause immediately come to their minds. However, there are many warning signs to indicate your house needs a sewer line repair. Water draining very slowly from your sink or your shower is one of the first signs and if you ignore it for a long time, it will prove costly. You may later have to call your Denver plumber to replace sewer lines or repair them at a huge cost.

Clean DrainsGurgling sounds and a stench

The other warning signs are the sound of gurgling near the drains or bubbles making their way up the toilet. Yet another indication that a sewer line repair is in order is the smell that emanates from any sink or drain. The smell may not necessarily be overpowering initially, but is the smell of sewage nevertheless.

Other indications

There are other minor indications such as the toilet bowl not filling up fully or moist spots in your basement. If there is trouble in the main sewage line, any water going down drains in other parts of the house will enter the bath tub or drip into your basement. Call your Denver plumber immediately so that the person can assess if the sewage line can be repaired or replaced.