Proudly Serving Denver, CO

You may recall the old saying about bad luck arriving three at a time. For instance, your water heater may fail you on the same day your garbage disposal stops working. Next, you blow a fuse on your electrical panel.

When troubles come in threes, respond by calling Doctor Fix-It. We take care of electrical and plumbing for your Denver, CO home—but we can also replace your ailing water heater or fix your furnace. Trust all your HVAC, plumbing, or electric needs to us.

Our Customers Come First

Customers sometimes wonder if they should call a separate electrician or plumber for each problem. Just remember, separate technicians means extra service fees for you. Instead, call Doctor Fix-It and only pay a single diagnostic fee for all plumbing, heating, or electrical concerns.

What’s more, if we need to repair something, we’ll waive our diagnostic or service fee altogether. And we’ll give you fair prices on our products and repair services. We don’t believe in hidden fees, so we never pass them on to our customers.

Replacements and Repairs Are What We Do

Clogged drain? Call us for our $88 treatment. Worried about your cooling system? We’ll repair or replace it. Our certified electricians and plumbers mean that we’re more than just an all-season provider of heating and air conditioning in Denver, CO. We simply do it all.

Call 303-993-1550 for a comprehensive service appointment today.