Corporate Highlight: Doctor Fix It

03 Nov

Corporate Social Responsibility begins with addressing the needs of a company and pairing that with a good fit in the community. Brent’s Place is very lucky to work with many incredible companies that have identified the need for their employees, stakeholders, and clients to be part of a business that gives back.

Doctor Fix It has been a local, family owned, business since 1989. In the last 26 years they have set themselves apart as more than just the company with a vast amount of experience in the heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical needs, but a company that goes above and beyond for their clients. In the fall of 2014, they reached out to Brent’s Place to build a partnership of support. At the very first meeting in their office, Brent’s Place knew this was going to be an instrumental relationship in our success.

For the past year, Doctor Fix It has provided their services at no cost to Brent’s Place. The Doctor Fix It staff has provided over 100 hours of trained and skilled labors to complete projects like housing maintenance, repair, and furniture moving. Every piece of Doctor Fix It advertising publicizes their sponsorship which helped introduce Brent’s Place to over 500,000 homes each month through their monthly Valpak coupon. Truly, anything Brent’s Place needs, they are there! In one particular moment of generosity, owner Megan Doser saw a Facebook post about a need for a new crib for one of our kids getting out of the hospital early. Within two hours, she had purchased and had a new crib delivered to our door. Little Elijah, who has been living at Brent’s Place for 402 days, was able to sleep in his own brand new bed that first night out of the hospital!

For Doctor Fix It, it was an easy decision to give back. According to their leadership team “It is people that make our company successful, whether it is our clients, employees or vendors the interactions that we may have every day with people are what make our business successful. We feel that we have a social and moral obligation to give back to the community that gives so much to us. Everybody wins from a company that supports the community in a socially responsible manner.”

As Brent’s Place looks towards growth and expansion, we can confidently begin making steps forward thanks to support like Doctor Fix It. Their sponsorship and volunteer service has been priceless in helping Brent’s Place accomplish our mission of providing a home of hope and healing.

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