5 Common Air Conditioner Problems to Watch Out For This Summer

03 Jun

Nothing ruins summer fun quite like a broken air conditioner. As the temperatures heat up this summer, make sure your air conditioner is in peak condition. Otherwise, an unexpected air conditioner problem may ruin your summer plans.

Here are some common air conditioning problems to watch out for this summer.

The Air Conditioner Makes Weird Noises

Can you hear a buzzing, rattling, or ticking noise when your air conditioner operates? Weird noises coming from your air conditioner could range from problems like a loose screw to a bent fan blade. You’ll need to call a professional HVAC specialist to diagnose the problem.

If the noise is coming from a loose screw, the technician can simply lubricate and tighten the loose piece. Otherwise, the technician may need to replace the fan blade or motor.

The Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

Don’t assume your air conditioner is broken if it doesn’t turn on immediately. You may need to simply lower the setting on your thermostat or plug in your air conditioning unit. Before you call a technician, check to see that the air conditioner is firmly plugged into a power source. Additionally, you may need to replace the batteries on the thermostat.

The air conditioner may not turn on because of a blown fuse. Check your circuit breaker to see if the fuse has tripped. If your air condition still isn’t turning on, try lowering the thermostat by five degrees.

If the problem persists, call an air conditioning technician to troubleshoot and resolve the problem for you.

The Air Conditioner Doesn’t Produce Cool Air

Air conditioners that don’t produce cool air may have a blocked or dirty air condenser. If tall grass or weeds are blocking the outdoor portion of your unit, it may not function properly.

Try clearing debris away from the edges of your outdoor condenser. If you still can’t get cool air to come from your unit, call a professional HVAC technician. He or she may need to replace a faulty compressor or add more refrigerant to the system.

Keep in mind that your air conditioner may not be able to reach cold temperatures in your home on extremely hot days. For instance, if the temperature outside is more than 100 degrees, your air conditioner may not be able to cool your home below 62 degrees.

The Air Conditioner Randomly Shuts Off

You may also have a dirty or blocked condenser if your air conditioner randomly shuts off. Try cleaning the condenser and removing obstructions near the outside unit to resolve the problem.

The glitch could also originate from a faulty thermostat sensor. Thermostat sensors can get knocked out of position, causing the air conditioner to behave erratically. You should rely on a professional technician to reset your thermostat sensor or resolve a faulty air condenser.

Your Utility Bills Are Unusually High

When homeowners don’t practice proper air conditioner maintenance, they often experience high utility bills due to inefficient systems. If you receive an unusually high utility bill, your air conditioning system is probably not operating efficiently. Air conditioners may not operate efficiently as a result of dirty filters or choked condensing coils.

You can likely reduce future utility bills by calling an HVAC technician to tune up your air conditioning system. Inadequate maintenance can also lead to parts of the air conditioner failing prematurely. For example, coils will likely break if they’re excessively dirty.

If you notice that your air conditioner has one or more of these issues, contact a HVAC specialist immediately. Proper air conditioning maintenance can help extend the service life of your unit and keep your family cool throughout the summer.